UniMaP is a web tool for searching unique molecular masses and unique peptide sequences in Human Proteome. there are three modes of searching available: (i) search whether a given molecular mass (or a list of molecular masses) can be found exclusively in one Human protein, i.e. is a Unique Molecular Mass, (ii) search whether a given peptide sequence (or a list of peptide sequences) can be found exclusively in one Human protein, i.e. is a Core Unique Peptide, and (iii) search for a specific protein whether unique molecular masses or unique peptide sequences exist.
UniMap has been developed and hosted by the Academy of Athens Foundation for Biomedical Research

This work has been published as:

Alexandridou A, Tsangaris GT, Vougas K, Nikita K, Spyrou G.
"UniMaP: Finding Unique Mass and Peptide signatures in the Human Proteome"
Bioinformatics. 2009 Aug 27. [Epub ahead of print].

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Unique Molecular Masses and Peptide Sequences

In the fields of protein identification and peptide/protein-biomarker investigation, the uniqueness of a measured molecular mass or peptide sequence play a very important role. Here, we present a publicly available web application that gives information concerning the uniqueness of one or more molecular masses and one or more peptide sequences in Human Proteome. When a sequence is found to be unique in Human, the application is able to search across all species querying whether this sequence is unique, not only in Human but also in other species found in Swiss-Prot Database. The application is also able to search for unique protein fragments which derive computationally from enzymatic digestion using certain enzymes. Furthermore, the application can list all the unique masses and peptides of a given protein. Through this application, the researchers are able to find unique tags, either on molecular mass level or on sequence level. These unique tags are remarkably important in research related to protein identification or biomarker discovery and measurements.